Systemic coaching

„A system is more than the sum of its parts; it's the product of their interactions.“ - Russel Ackoff (1919-2009)

MUDr. Elena Marušáková is a certified coach, ICF member, and has passed several trainings including systemic constellations in the UK under the supervision of John Whittington, author of the best-selling Systemic Coaching and Constellation. She provides coaching in Slovak and English language. Systemic coaching is based on Bert Hellinger´s principles and is one of the most effective current coaching approaches. In many countries, this approach is No. 1 in large and medium-sized organisations. It is based on coaching focusing on organisation, and how to improve and streamline the functioning of an organisation as a living whole consisting of individuals.

Most organisations reflect their basic working principles:

  • Need to belong to the system
  • Balance between giving and taking
  • Need for hierarchy or order within the system (time, competence, benefit for the whole)
  • Respect for what is

By creating a living map of your organisation, we allow you to gain better insights into how your organisation works and to review your strategies and evaluate your options. We offer feedback that helps you assess your current situation and options. The initial target can be achieved through group coaching in combination with individual coaching. The duration depends on the target and can last from 1 to 12 months.

Systemic coaching is suitable when

  • the same problems constantly recur
  • you have a “hot seat” in the organisation
  • you need to change strategy in the organisation
  • you are before, during or after organisational change, fusion, or transformation
  • your organisation is excessively focused on internal problems
  • you have internal conflicts in the company

MUDr. Elena Marušáková is also a certified psychotherapist on the List of Psychotherapists. She also uses a systemic approach in individual coaching, life coaching, and family approach. She applies the cognitive behavioural technique, inter-personal approach, and family constellations. She actively uses hypnosis, if appropriate, and completed training in basic and applied hypnosis in the USA.