Services associated with drug manufacturing

Our strength is long experience in the pharmaceutical industry and health sector with practical experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing, from chairman of the board and general director (one person) to director of the Section of Drug Availability on the Market and board member (second person).We have practical experience in the manufacturing of vaccines, solutions for infusion, tablets, immunologic plasma preparations, tissue cells, and manufacturing of lysates.

We offer the following services:

  • Development of projects for production plant (whole or part, e.g. adjustment) and support in implementation, including support in meeting standards to obtain GMP
  • Preparation for good manufacturing practice audit and representation during this audit
  • Sourcing contractual manufacturer for the client according to requirements and specification of needs
  • Preparation of scientific documents for contracts
  • Preparation, consultation of the project, and representation of client at the State Veterinary Institute when approving a menagerie for drug study in order to approve the drug for marketing or preclinical studies
  • We provide these services as a package or individually
  • In accordance with the latest European recommendations and, if interested, also FDA recommendations.